This is one of our all-time favorite Tintin scenes — Professor Calculus nearly getting run over by Captain Haddock's Lunar tank. And this tribute to Herge's original art was created by none other than Weta's Greg Broadmore, creator of the amazing Dr. Grordbort. Consider us over the Moon.


Check out another exclusive look at Weta's incredible tributes to Tintin's Explorers on the Moon, below.

Above and below are two page spreads from the art book The Art of the Adventures of Tintin, which we've featured before.

The page above shows Broadmore's version of the scene where Calculus nearly gets run over by Captain Haddock in a Lunar tank, with Herge's original art below for comparison. (Click to enlarge, or right-click and select "open link in new tab".)


And here are Weta artists recreating the covers of Prisoners of the Sun, Red Rackham's Treasure and Explorers on the Moon, with the original versions below:


The Art of the Adventures of Tintin is available from Harper Collins.

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