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Tintin-inspired wedding invitation features a slew of fictional guests

Illustration for article titled emTintin/em-inspired wedding invitation features a slew of fictional guests

Marvel comic book artist Paolo Rivera channels Tintin creator Hergé for his geeky wedding invitation, which packs the aisles with his and his wife's favorite fictional characters. See if you can identify them all.


Since Rivera grew up as a huge Ninja Turtles fan and his wife is named April, Raphael plays the groom with the bride in an April O'Neil jumpsuit. (His bride, he explains, is a huge fan of the Tintin books.) Rivera also drew illustrations for the save-the-date card and t-shirts for the bachelorette party, which you can see along with some other geeky wedding details over at his blog.

Some (Very) Personal Work [Paolo Rivera via Brian Bendis]

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My favorites are Ripley in the powerloader and Michonne's armless pet walker.