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Tin robots can't stop buying smartphones in this satirical short film

Big Lazy Robot, the VFX house behind the beautiful short K3loid, is back with a somewhat sillier piece of animation, poking fun at the cycle of smartphone consumerism.


Big Lazy Robot used Japanese robot model kits as the basis for the consumers for their latest short, iDiots. And they admit that in making fun at these smartphone-loving robots, they're making fun of themselves as well.


[via Vimeo Staff Picks]

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Maybe I'm just old and grumpy, but I have really lost any appreciation for "art" that simply tells people that they are a robot for liking the thing that they like. That the iphone upgrade joke is a tired, boring cliche (and this follows a hundred thousand others down the exact same road with the exact same result) seems to have been missed, which is a bit of situational irony I do enjoy.

I have to say, however, that the animation was stunningly beautiful; it's just a shame it was written by a "hip" 14 year old.