Timothy Zahn's Excellent Thrawn Novel Is Being Turned Into a Marvel Comic

Image: Marvel. Art by Francesco Mattina.
Image: Marvel. Art by Francesco Mattina.

Timothy Zahn’s highly anticipated return to the world of Star Wars books with his most beloved character Thrawn has been one of the highlights of Star Wars this year, full stop. So we’re very excited at the news that it’s forming the basis of a brand new Marvel comic miniseries.

Although based on Zahn’s novel, Star Wars: Thrawn will be written by Jody Houser (who also adapted Rogue One into comic form this year for Marvel) with art by Luke Ross and Nolan Woodard, and lettering from Clayton Cowles. The news was announced at the Lucasfilm publishing panel at San Diego Comic-Con:


Thrawn is one of the best books to have come out of Disney’s rework of the Star Wars canon, not only for its resurrection of Thrawn as a character, but also for just how great it was to see Zahn’s style of writing and world-building in the galaxy far far away make a welcome return. Hopefully Thrawn’s rise in the ranks as one of the Empire’s best tacticians will be as artfully done in the comics as it was in the novel.

The Thrawn comic is set to begin in February 2018.

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So this makes Mara Jade cannon along with Thrawn in the Disney’Star Wars’Verse. Right?