Timecop Kicks You In The Head With Science

An evil hench-yuppie gets his arm frozen in liquid nitrogen and then shattered in this awesome fight scene from Timecop, the greatest martial arts time-travel movie ever. Few movies combine martial arts and wacky science as well as Timecop does, and we can never get enough of the super-frozen flesh-shattering sound effect. Timecop also has the coolest method of time travel ever, involving a flame-belching rocket-train that runs into a wall as fast as it can. Click through for a clip of Jean-Claude Van Damme ramming the fourth dimension.



You have to love a tech that insures that if it fails, someone will die.

I can imagine that they could have put a net after the "point of no return," but that just isn't as much fun as a big ol' jean claude kick proof wall.