Time To Lose Interest In Green Hornet

Get ready to be disappointed in the upcoming Green Hornet movie. Stephen Chow, the one man who could make us overlook Seth Rogen's stoner parody schtick, has announced that he'll no longer be directing it.

Chow, the man behind Shaolin Soccer and CJ7, signed onto the project in September to both direct and star as Rogen's kung-fu sidekick Kato (A role made famous by Bruce Lee in the 1960s TV series), but news broke late last night that he was stepping down from the director's role due to "creative differences," although he will still be acting in the movie.


Producers are, apparently, confident that they'll have a replacement director by the end of the year, but all I have to say is this: When the creative differences are between the man who wrote Superbad and the man who made Shaolin Soccer, and the man who wrote Superbad won, then that's never a good thing.

Chow no longer to direct 'Hornet' [Variety]

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