Time-Stopping Superpower Results in Bad Sitcom

Okay, so maybe there are better uses for the ability to freeze time than helping your friend be the world's greatest DJ. Like saving Helen Hunt after she's just been thrown off a building. This is your chance to ensure the world gets Mad About You and As Good As It Gets! Actually, that may be why Tim Thomerson uses 3 of his crucial 10 seconds of time-stoppage to ponder something or other, in this scene from 1985's Trancers.


Its hard to believe Trancers spawned five sequels, even direct-to-video ones. In a nutshell, Thomerson is Jack Deth, a police officer in the year 2247 who's hunting Whistler, a villain who turns people into his mind-controlled puppets. But it turns out that you can travel back in time and inhabit the body of your own ancestor (why??) so Whistler jumps back to the 1980s in the body of his great-great-great-great-great grandfather, and Deth follows suit. Somehow you're allowed to bring back future technology when you jump into your ancestor's body, so Whistler has his trancing gear and Deth has his time-stop watch.

Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo, who wrote the first Trancers, also created The Flash TV series a few years later. Recently, the writing duo took over writing The Flash comic book, and turned out seven or eight of the most incomprehensible comics I've seen in years, before their version of the Flash died ignominiously.

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Benny Gesserit

What the hell?

My sentiments exactly.