Time-Lapse Footage of a Lavish Dragon Painting Is More Satisfying Than Watching Joffrey Die

Dragon says “rawr.”
Image: Chris Scalf

To those of us who can barely stay within the lines of a coloring book, watching a painting come to life, like this incredibly detailed and menacing dragon, is akin to watching a magician perform. We don’t know how artist Chris Scalf does it, but we’re happy to sit back and be amazed as we watch the whole thing play out before our eyes.


This time-lapse is especially satisfying as Scalf starts with a crude black and white drawing of the creature, and slowly adds layer after layer of color, detail, and shadowing to bring it to life. Remember patiently waiting all those seasons for King Joffrey on Game of Thrones to get what he had coming to him? Spending 10 minutes watching this time-lapse work towards the finished painting might be even more satisfying.

There’s no sound on the video but might we suggest this YouTube loop of the Thrones theme to play while you watch?




Fascinating. Two questions:

1. Was the artist wearing a GoPro on his head while doing the dragon?

2. Can I buy a copy of the finished dragon? On a t-shirt if possible.