Time for a Movie About Parthenogenesis

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It's been a couple of years since scientists were able to create a baby mouse via parthenogenesis, combining the DNA from two female mice to create a baby with no father. Now it's time for a scary, smart movie about what would happen to a world where men were no longer needed for reproduction. It's every man's worst nightmare, and it would make an interesting thought experiment. What would it mean if lesbians could create babies without turkey basters? And what would it mean for the world that sperm were obsolete?


One of the things that irks about movies like Children of Men is that it's a story all about childbirth and reproduction entirely from the male point of view. In that movie, the big bad at the heart of dystopia is that women are barren and there will be no more "children of men." But what about a dystopia where women are fertile in a way that challenges everything we know about families and parenting? Women could enslave men and turn them into second-class citizens good for nothing but manual labor and soldiering. Or the reverse might happen. Once women could impregnate each other, men might disdain the idea of actually making babies — that's women's work! So you'd get a world where men and women are even more separated than ever before. They don't even have to come together to create new life. AP Photo/Seoul National University.

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