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Time Bends In the Latest Teaser for Netflix's Supernatural Show Dark

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube
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Way back in March, Netflix released the first teaser for a new show called Dark. Produced in Germany, we noted that its setting and tone made it look a little like Stranger Things. Well, a new trailer backs up that claim but gets much much, well, darker.


Produced by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, Dark tells the story of a modern German town torn apart when two children go missing. However, as you’ll see in the trailer, the answers to the mystery may not be found in the present. They may be in the past.

Dark is “the first Netflix original series entirely created, produced and shot in Germany,” according to a press release. It premieres December 1 and will consist of ten one-hour episodes. We can only hope it lives up to the promise of that awesome teaser.



Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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I do hope they release this in more territories. Sometimes Netflix can feel like a scam when they announce a bunch of shows and then it’s not even available in my country. And they don’t allow the use of VPN’s now. We basically pay the same amount, we should be getting the same things.

I do have my hopes up as this is a Netflix original. Most things that don’t reach us aren’t Netflix originals. Like... Disney films.