Tim Minear Producing An Android Journey Of Self-Discovery? Yes Please!

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Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are developing a new TV show based on Gene Roddenberry's scrapped android-angst show The Questor Tapes. Bland, preachy and insipid, Questor doesn't seem like a good template... unless it's true Tim Minear is on board.


Imagine the most boring "Data questions his humanity" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, only with the video playback slowed down to half speed, and you've got The Questor Tapes. Questor is an android whose memory tapes are incomplete, so he goes on a quest (get it?) to discover his origins, with the help of B.J. Honeycutt from M.A.S.H. And he tracks down his creator, discovering an amazing ancient secret in the process. This video has major spoilers:

The New York Times says Minear is in talks to produce the show, and let's hope it works out. With some great work on Angel, Firefly, X-Files, Drive and Dollhouse behind him, Minear could take the endless chaff of Rodenberry's original pilot and spin something great out of it. [New York Times]

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John Vernon was in 'Questor' as the main antagonist Geoffrey Darrow (Darro?). Nothing with John Vernon is bland (insipid or preachy ... possibly).

I seem to recall thinking that had 'Questor' gone to series it might have had more story possibilities if they had killed off Mike Farrell's too-nice character in place of Darrow's sacrifice, then had Darrow (the industrialist) work with the android (the innocent) to help humanity through the last 200 years of its' dark ages (or whatever they called it in the pilot).