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Tim Curry Makes a Special Appearance in the New Trailer For The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Illustration for article titled Tim Curry Makes a Special Appearance in the New Trailer For iThe/i iRocky Horror Picture Show/i
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Get your dance moves in order—you know the ones—because here’s our best look yet at Fox’s new production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show It’s got more Frank-N-Furter, more Time Warp, and yes, even a teeny tiny bit of Tim Curry.


Beyond the Curry appearance, this latest look at The Rocky Horror Picture Show gives us an answer to why the show looked a little weird the last time we saw it—and how the adaptation will handle the musical comedy’s famous audience callback segments, with the action happening pretty much “on stage” as it has in countless productions of RHPS before. It’s a pretty neat effect! Check out the trailer below.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is set to air on Fox this Halloween.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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Angrier Geek

You know what, I’m actually glad about these new spate of musicals on TV. Now personally, unless Gene Kelly is dancing I hate musicals (WHY ARE YOU SINGING!?!), but I think they’re a valid art form that deserves attention and god knows anything that other than a cop/lawyer/doctor drama or family sitcom is a good thing. And maybe, just maybe, if people like one they’ll seek out others and hopefully check out the originals.