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Tim Burton's Secret Formula

Illustration for article titled Tim Burtons Secret Formula

Go behind the scenes at a Tim Burton brainstorming session. Stripes, white make-up, Danny Elfman's music, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter — these are a few of his rehashed, reused, favorite things. Watch how Burton dreams up his features.


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John Hazard

I love Tim Burton. Yeah, this video is totally right (the Danny Elfman thing really got me) but I don't care. I think the only movie of his I didn't really like was his second Batman (missile penguins?!?!?) and even that is full of great oddball stuff. A lot of artists are locked into a distinctive style, even a formula, the question is whether they can produce something worth watching. He's never going to achieve anything great doing remakes (almost nobody can- Batman Begins was an exception) -but he's achieved so much greatness with his original stuff (they're still making new "Nightmare Before Christmas" stuff 10+ years later), he will always be an artist of note.