Tilda Swinton Finds Her Husband In A Shocking State Of Undress

This is probably the weirdest moment in Possible Worlds, the alternate-reality-hopping movie from 2000. It's a bizarre, dreamlike story of the relationship between George (Tom McCamus) and Joyce (Tilda Swinton) across various realities. It reminds me of The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, especially with Tilda's hair changing color across each timeline. And then there's a weird twist, as you can see in our clip. (And yes, the clip is somewhat spoilery.)

Assuming you just watched the clip, then you've discovered the truth about George's situation. But it's still well worth checking out Possible Worlds, for its absolutely gorgeous cinematography, razor-sharp dialog and musings about the nature of reality and parallel worlds. And its multiple versions of the same story of love and loss. And Tilda Swinton's heart-rendingly wonderful acting, of course.

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Charlie Jane Anders

@slickhop: To be fair, I actually set the post up so that if you haven't seen the film and plan to, you can just not click through. The stuff above the fold is not that spoilery. It's the below-the-fold stuff, including video, that's spoilery. And even after you know the "twist" it's still an amazing film. I would still totally watch it.