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Tilda Swinton dons Airbender cosplay

Illustration for article titled Tilda Swinton dons emAirbender/em cosplay

Tilda Swinton is all dressed up like The Last Airbender for Bong Joon-Ho's wacky post-apocalyptic snow train movie Snowpiercer, set in the future on a snow-ruined planet where humanity cruises around in a giant train divided by a wacky caste system. Very little else is known about this film other than the lower train class has had it with their crappy train life and want to revolt. However, no one wants to get kicked off into the new ice age wearing shorts, so let's hope Tilda puts on some legwarmers. Snowpiercer is set to be released later this year.


Props to Collider for first pointing out the Avatar: The Last Airbender joke.

Update: Turns out the photo's just from a random photoshoot. Apologies for any confusion!


[via The Film Stage]

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Jean Rhys Lives

I keep trying to pull myself back from getting too excited about this film, since it's all a bit cagey, but how am I supposed to contain myself when Tilda Swinton is giving off some serious dystopic chic realness. How, I ask you.