Tie Me Up And Pin Me Down! This Summer's Hottest Boy-Bondage

Why do so many summer movie trailers feature boy-on-boy bondage? Like this Terminator Salvation goodness. We've pulled the best homoerotic bondagey moments, from this summer's biggest movie trailers.

Terminator Salvation
Who They Are: Christian Bale and Sam Worthington are mere inches away from each others face when Sam is all tied up for his interrogation. If someone doesn't spoof this with an almost kiss scene it will be a waste of an easy joke.
Why It's Hot: Bale doing anything is hot, S&M or otherwise. You could watch him make peanut butter sandwiches, and it would turn all of us on. But watching Bale tie up the equally sexy Sam is, well, phew...is it hot in here?


X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Who They Are: First, you've got a underwater pain bondage moment. And the other image is Liev Schreiber and Hugh Jackman all tied up and screaming, before meeting the bullet end of the fire brigade, after which they joke about it tickling.
Why It's Hot: Swoon, for Liev doing anything that's remotely dirty. I have a funny feeling this whole movie is going to be a lot of hot rough-and-tumble Liev-on-Hugh action, and I couldn't ask for more. These boys are so big and tough, I want to see them rip each others shirts off! For character development reasons.


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen
Who They Are: Shia LaBeouf And A Decpticon
Why It's Hot: Forward sexual thinking is always sexy. Robots and humans are bound to get together eventually, good for Sam, for blazing this trail first.


Star Trek
Who They Are: Looks like Zachary Quinto holding Chris Pine down.
Why It's Hot: Do I really have to explain how Kirk Spock Fanfic works? But it's even hotter because these are fresh faces that we're not accustomed to, so it should shake things up a little bit.

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