ThunderCats Roar Got Thundercat to Play (and Sing About) a Classic Villain

Grune gets his funk on.
Grune gets his funk on.
Image: Cartoon Network

I mean... what else are you gonna do when there’s a musician out there who loves your franchise so much his stage name is literally Thundercat?


ThunderCats Roar may have only aired a few episodes so far, but it skipped Cartoon Network’s other panel on day one of Comic-Con for its own Q&A session—and quite a fun little reveal of its own. Singer-songwriter and former Suicidal Tendencies member Thundercat (a.k.a. Stephen Lee Bruner) will make an appearance in an upcoming episode of Roar as classic ThunderCats villain Grune the Destroyer, a former ThunderCat himself before being sealed away by Jaga in a magical crystal.

But naturally, Thundercat won’t just be lending his voice to Grune, but also his musical talents, as you can see in the clip below—in which Tygra attempts to teach the rest of the ThunderCats about the history of Grune’s menacing descent into villainy via the medium of an educational video... which is really just a song, performed by Thundercat, about Grune’s past.

It’s all very silly, and very much in line with Roar’s schtick of embracing the franchise’s long and storied past with its own brand of charming irreverence. But you can’t cast Thundercat in ThunderCats and not have him sing!

No date was given as to just when you’ll be able to see Thundercat’s Grune appear in ThunderCats Roar, but new episodes will be landing on Cartoon Network soon, and you can check out the full Comic-Con panel below.

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Shouldn’t he be missing a tooth? The images I picked on google show him only having his left sabre tooth.