Here now are 167 musicians playing the absolute hell out of 167 matryomins, to the tune of a boogie-tastic Beethoven's 9th. Be apprised: "matryomin" is a portmanteau of matryoshka (as in nested matryoshka doll) and theremin. It's... basically exactly what it sounds like.


The theremin, of course, is the hallowed noise-maker of every science fiction score-composer since always. Matryomins, being single-oscillator theremins, are typically marketed as "theremins for beginners," which I suppose makes this a little less impressive than 167 musicians tremelo-ing their way through Beethoven's 9th with both hands. But only a little.


And while we're on the subject of theremins, here's io9 eic Annalee Newitz learning to play a two-handed version with the assistance of theremin-virtuoso Rob Schwimmer.

Illustration for article titled Throng of Theremin Players Performs Beethovens Ninth Symphony

Trust us – it's harder than it looks.

[Spotted on Mental Floss]


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