Will we ever get to see Steven Spielberg's movie of Daniel H. Wilson's Robopocalypse? Hard to say, given Spielberg's recent statements about the doomed model of blockbuster movies. But at least you can see some storyboards that give a few hints of how kinetic and thrilling it could be.

Storyboard artist Michael Anthony Jackson posted some of his storyboards from Robopocalypse, and they're up over at Comic Book Movie. There are also storyboards from Gore Verbinski's scrapped BioShock movie, and Alex Proyas' dead Paradise Lost film. First of all, here are a couple great pages of Robopocalypse storyboards. Check out the rest at Comic Book Movie:

Here's Jack fighting a Splicer in the BioShock movie. Again, more at Comic Book Movie:

And here's Lucifer fighting some Archangels in Paradise Lost. Once again, there's more at Comic Book Movie: