Shake off your red leather jacket and crazy contact lenses: a big budget Thriller Musical is in the works. Chicago is ready to fling open its theater doors to a Michael Jackson monster-fest.

This is the answer to the Broadway's financial crisis: more Michael Jackson. And I'm for it — you can't put a price on this ticket that I wouldn't pay. According to the Chicago Tribune, The Nederlander Organization (large Chicagoan theater producers) have bought the musical rights to MJ's Thriller. Which means more money for penny-pinching MJ, even if they're just purchasing the title track. But as of right now, there's little news, and no creative team for us to pester with these important questions.


But MJ isn't completely removed from the project. According to The Observer the old Pop King, "will be personally and fully involved in the creation of the show." But god knows what that means, and do we trust his judgment at this time? Still zombies on stage, dancing the dance we all know and love, sounds like a win-win. And hopefully it will do so well that it'll come to save New York's Broadway blues.

There are so many people that are going to be excited about this, from the inmates over in the Philippines Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center to, well, everyone I know.

My only question is: when are the auditions, and should I shred my legwarmers crypt-cool style? And because yes, I'm this excited about it, here are many different Thriller videos.



Wedding Reception Thriller
There Are A Crap Ton Of These Terrible Vids...My Dream Day Will Have ACTUAL Zombie Garb

Hotdog, Ketchup and Mustard Thriller

Lego Bionicle Thriller

Final Fantasy Thriller

Indian Thriller

Classic Thriller

Thriller - Michael Jackson


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