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Their comic-book counterparts are all about saving the day, but the theme park versions of DC Comics' Superman and Batman are, apparently, not so much with the saving of lives. You no doubt already know about how a 17-year-old was decapitated by a Batman theme ride this past weekend (You may even know that the same ride was responsible for a similar accident that killed a man in May 2002.) But in June of last year, it was a Superman ride responsible for an accident that caused a teenager to lose both feet. Is that why some are claiming that there's such a thing as a superhero theme park curse?


The accident last June happened at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, where a thirteen-year-old girl had her feet torn off by a broken cable on the "Superman Tower of Power" ride. Although surgeons were later able to reattach her right foot, her left leg was too damaged from the accident to be able to operate on.

Those aren't the only times that DC's theme park rides have resulted in disaster; a 55-year-old man died after falling from a "Superman Ride of Steel" at Six Flags New England in 2004 (22 people also ended up in hospital in 2001 when there was another accident on the same ride), and a 53-year-old woman died in 2003 when one of the cars on the "Joker's Jukebox" ride hit her at Six Flags New Orleans.


Much to DC Comics' guilt-tinged relief, it's not only rides related to their characters that cause terrible accidents, of course (In fact, some theme park aficianados keep track of as many accidents in parks online). Now all they need to do is remind everyone else about that.

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