Thresher Is A Horrifying Tale Of Inter-Dimensional Terror

Fans of Lovecraft and Weird Fiction will get a kick out of this short film by Mike Diva: Thresher. Following an man trying to get into a locked room, we find that there’s just some doors that shouldn’t be opened.


The film was one of the top five finalists in a contest that Guillermo del Toro and Legendary Entertainment presided over.

There’s all the trappings of a fun gothic horror story here: old, Victorian-style home, an anonymous hero played by Nick Gregorio who’s obsessed with opening a locked door, clocks that stop and of course, some unimaginable horror from beyond, this is a great, short story that would have made Lovecraft proud.


[The Blood Shed]

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Garland - Last Top Comment on Splinter

It’s funny that I see this right after setting down my copy of Lovecraft’s complete works. I just finished The Case of Charles Dexter Ward and thought it would make an excellent movie. Certainly better than the crappy remakes/sequels Hollywood is pumping out.