In our surveillance-obsessed era, it's no surprise that science fiction is packed with stories about people going to extreme measures to escape being tracked. Just think about Tom Cruise's character in Minority Report, swapping out his eyeballs and taking a pill that transforms his facial features in an incredibly painful process. It seems like every dystopian tale these days has to have at least one biological implant that functions as a location device, and our hero must dig around in her body to get rid of it. Here are a few of the best "kill the spybot" scenes in recent years:

1. In The Matrix, Trinity de-bugs Neo after he's been implanted with a creepy-ass cyber-insect that burrows into his belly button and allows the Agents to track him everywhere. Trinity holds a steampunk-looking gun funnel over Neo's bully and sucks the bug out, along with a nice big splat of red goo. It squirms around in electric yuckiness before going inert.


2. In this week's episode of Bionic Woman, beta-version bionic lady Sarah teaches hero Jaime how to kill the tracking chip in her brain. The special effects in the scene are pretty cheesy, but it's cool to see Jaime hacking her own brain so that the creepy secret agent boys can't follow her every move.

3. In a scene oddly reminiscent of Bionic Woman, the latest Resident Evil flick has a great scene where hero Veronica (Milla Jovovich) uses the power of her brain to burn out a satellite that is tracking her and controlling her behavior. She's been frozen by a signal from the satellite, which means the bad guys are about to win. But then we see her exploiting a back door she's made in the satellite software, and stopping the mind-control beam. Go, Veronica, go!