Three Origami Animals Live All Too Briefly In This Short Film

"The Dream Life of Paper" is a 3D animated short showing the life and death of three origami animals. It's four and half minutes long, and yet the moment where the creatures venture forward to what will eventually end their lives is unaccountably sad.


There are no words spoken in the short, but there's still an emotional wallop packed by just the sound and images. It's directed by Chris Jarrett and made by the studio 1984 London, who describe it this way:

1984 London is thrilled to introduce you to their short animated film, 'Dream Life of Paper', a phantasmagorical, dreamy allegory of innocence and life that follows the journey of three enchanting origami animals from primordial awakening through to unforeseeable dematerialisation.

Merging compelling narrative with the latest trends in 3D animation, such as Maya modelling, Cinema 4D animation and Octane Rendering, it showcases 1984 London's evolution of skills and adherence to creating immersive digital experiences. The film was conceived entirely in the 1984 studio and features an elevating music score produced by music composition studio, Father.

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Pie 'oh' Pah

The origami shorts on Io9 this week have been..... well...