Three of Comics' Most Underdessed Heroines Are Putting on Clothes

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Vampirella, Dejah Thoris, and Red Sonja have graced the pages of pulp and comics for years—but the fame of their heroics is perhaps only second to the skimpiness of their outfits. That’s all about to change, however: a new direction for three of Dynamite’s female-lead comic series from Gail Simone is coming with a wardrobe update.


The push will begin with new series titled Red Sonja (written by Marguerite Bennett with art from Aneke), Dejah Thoris (written by Frank J. Barbiere), and Vampirella (written by Kate Leth) early next year—part of an initiative spearheaded by Gail Simone, who wrote the previous Red Sonja series to reinvigorate interest in Dynamite’s roster of female heroes.

Illustration for article titled Three of Comics Most Underdessed Heroines Are Putting on Clothes

Cover by Marguerite Sauvage

Although none are exactly what you would call conservative costumes, the looks (designed by artist Nicola Scott) all have a noticeable focus on not emphasizing the skin on show—even Dejah’s, the skimpiest of the new trio, whos outfit as the heroine of Edgar Rice Burrough’s John Carter of Mars series has almost entirely consisted of golden pasties.. Also emphasized? That these women mean butt-kicking business, with weapons at the ready. As Simone espouses, it’s a reminder that these are some of the original pulp icons that inspired generations of awesome female characters:

Our mission here is to spruce up their look and remind people that these were the original female ass-kickers that inspired Xena, Buffy, and Leia Organa. They are the map others followed, and we get to bring them each a hot, new look from brilliant artist/designer Nicola Scott, as well as thrilling new mission statements for each of them.

Dynamite have been doing some excellent work with their roster of female leads, Red Sonja in particular—so the thought of Sonja, Dejah and Vampirella leading the way in a new vision for their adventure comics is a tantalizing one. The fact that they’re in new costumes is just a welcome bonus on top of that news.

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Dejah really should be nude, part of her culture was designed as away to inform readers of how silly puritanical fear and sexualization of the human body was. There was quite a political nudist movement back then and the culture of ERB Mars was part of that.