Three-Eyed Fish Discovered Near Argentinian Nuclear Facility

Well this is unsettling. The fish you're looking at was recently caught in an Argentinian reservoir lake. The thing is, it's a reservoir lake that a nearby nuclear facility just happens to pump water into on a regular basis, meaning this is one of those rare examples where a three-eyed animal isn't cool.

"We were fishing and we got the surprise of getting this rare specimen," said Julián Zmutt, one of the fishermen who caught the fish. "As it was dark at that time we did not notice, but then you looked at him with a flashlight and saw that he had a third eye."


But is the fish a nuclear mutant? We certainly hope not, though the conclusion is a tempting one to make. According to inhabitat the fishermen have handed their catch over to local scientists, who hopefully can shed some light on whether or not the nuclear plant has anything to do with its extra eye.

[Via inhabitat]

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