Three-Body Problem Author Liu Cixin Is Getting 5 Movie Deals

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Or at least, five different movies are being made, based on Liu's work. China Film Group Corp. is making three movies based on Liu's books: The Wandering Earth, The Era of the Supernova and Micro Era. Add to that two other Liu Cixin films: The Rural Teacher and a Three-Body Problem movie trilogy.


Liu himself will write the screenplays for at least the three films being made by China Film Group.

With China becoming a much bigger market for Hollywood science fiction epics, to the point where films like Looper, Iron Man 3 and Transformers: Age of Extinction include Chinese characters and subplots, this shouldn't come as a big surprise. China's audience is hungry for big spectacles, and it makes total sense for more of these to be homegrown — and for China to start building its own answer to Hollywood. Expect more of these films to get imported to the U.S. and become blockbusters stateside, within a few years. quotes Liu as saying:

Chinese science fiction movies have just started their journey, and we have never made big budget sci-fi movies before. But everything has to have a beginning. If we don't try, we will have nothing.


Oh, not "The Rural Juror"...