Those X-Men Comics In the Logan Trailer Were Made Just for the Movie

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One of the cutest moments in the Logan trailer released today (an aside: mentioning “cute” and Logan in the same sentence is very strange to me) is the moment Wolverine flicks through an X-Men comic, noting just how wildly embellished they are. The comics used aren’t actual X-Men books—but now we know who made them for the movie.

The faux issue of Uncanny X-Men Logan flips through in the trailer was actually created by artist Dan Panosian, who confirmed on social media today that it was his work commissioned for the movie:


Panosian—who’s provided art for a variety of real Marvel comics, from X-Men to Captain America, to Web of Spider-Man, to the recent Daredevil ongoing—drew the cover, one of around 12 he did for the film, as well as providing the interior story work on the comic that Logan flicks through while mocking its inaccuracy to the “real” events of the X-Men’s adventures. It’s a small detail, but it’s cool that the team behind Logan turned to an actual comic book artist to create the “in-universe” stories, instead of it just being left to the art department to create a prop.

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Any ideas on why they didn’t just... use actual comics?

It would be a neat shoutout to fans (“I own that one!!!”), and save a little money on the budget.