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Those Unsuspecting Hikers Return in This Hilarious Ash vs Evil Dead Clip

Illustration for article titled Those Unsuspecting Hikers Return in This Hilarious iAsh vs Evil Dead/i Clip

Merry early Christmas, Ash vs Evil Dead fans! In this delightful clip from episode nine, “Bound in the Flesh,” Ash, Kelly, and Pablo take a quick porch meeting to strategize. At stake: protecting the fates of those apple-cheeked young backpackers, who’re otherwise destined for the “night train to Kill-a-delphia.”


Ash vs Evil Dead airs Saturday nights on Starz.

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Mark Longoria

The blonde is Samara Weaving, neice of Hugo Weaving.

Might she go all Agent Smith?

Or peel off her face?

Either way, she’s too pretty to live!