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The first Thor 2 trailer reveals Thor's biggest weakness!

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There's enough cheese for a billion pizzas in this new trailer for Thor: The Dark World. But it also makes the Asgardian sequel look fun, and promises a film that ups the ante — including a situation so dire, Thor has to make an almost unthinkable decision. Minor spoilers...


You have to admire the moxie of whoever decided the first trailer for this film should include Thor falling on the ground and going "Noooooo," Darth Vader-style. Not to mention whoever thought it would be a good idea to foreground the "Natalie Portman is a hostage" storyline. (And I guess Jane Foster is officially Thor's main weakness now.)

Still, a lot of the visuals look amazing, and a Thor-Loki team-up sounds like the perfect next stage in their troubled relationship. We're cautiously excited.


[via Apple Trailers]

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I'm calling it now. At the end of the movie, Thor's hair will be long enough for him to start his modelling career.