Thor Loses More Than Just His Hammer in the First Trailer for Thor: Ragnarok

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Thor’s latest villain—Hela, the Goddess of Death—is already proving to be his biggest rival yet in our first look at the next Thor movie. Mjolnir is gone, Asgard is sundered, and most shockingly of all: the God of Thunder’s been given a haircut.


Okay, so we knew about the haircut already—it’s part of Thor’s new gladiatorial look, but still, it’s kind of shocking to see it in action in and among the madness that is the rest of this trailer.

And there’s a lot going on. War in Asgard, Loki flipping throwing knives like a badass, and of course, that moment between Thor and Hulk in the arena. This looks fun as hell—more like an extension of the Team Thor shorts than either of the past two Thor films—and totally wild.

Thor: Ragnarok swings into theaters in November.

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Ah, now eventually you DO plan to have Ragnarok in your, in your Ragnarok movie, right? Hello?