Thor Gets His Villain And Warrior Woman/Lover

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Pulling from two beloved science fiction series, Jessi from Kyle XY, and the Lord Marshal from Chronicles of Riddick have both been cast in Marvel's new superhero movie Thor.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

[Jaime] Alexander is playing Sif, a skilled Asgardian warrior who can hold her own against any man. She also is one of Thor's loves...

Feore's character is shrouded in mystery — the studio isn't even sending the actors the script — though it is known to be a villain.


Here's a picture of Sif who was the friend of the young Thor, and grew into a great warrior/crush. The film will begin shooting in October and will focus on Thor's mighty fall to Earth, where he learns the real meaning of heroism.

Illustration for article titled Thor Gets His Villain And Warrior Woman/Lover

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Chris Braak

God fucking damn it. I hate, absolutely HATE Marvel's interpretation of Sif. I have no idea why she looks the way she does.

Sif's sole defining characteristic, in any and every Viking source, is that she has GOLD HAIR. Not golden-colored hair, by the way, but hair actually made out of gold. It was a whole big story, where Loki shaved her hair off and then had to trick some dwarves into making her new hair. It is, in fact, the same story that provides Thor with his hammer, Mjolnir. So, it's not like THEY DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT IT.

I know, I know—historical accuracy isn't really a relevant consideration in stuff like this. But still. It bothers me.