Thor describes his most humbling moment in the presence of Odin

Meet the new Thor, Chris Hemsworth. We sat down with the mighty Thor at the Marvel roundtables, mere minutes after the cast of The Avengers went on stage, with Thor rightfully towering over the others. Watch our quickie interview.

How do you see Thor in this film?

I think he's certainly, in the beginning of this film, he's a rash, cocky warrior. Who's about to inherit the keys to the kingdom. And his father thinks he's not ready. The journey's of him learning some humility through the film... I think he's one of those people — his heart's in the right place. I think he's doing what he's doing for his family, and to protect his kingdom. He thinks it's the right way to do, it just happens to be a very aggressive way to do it, which probably isn't the right way. It's about some tempering, that raw emotion into the right direction.

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Where have you felt humility or put in your place so far during filming?

I'll tell you a story, there was one day when...Working with [Anthony] Hopkins everyday is a blessing. The guy is incredibly humble and obviously talented, we were doing this one scene where we're having this big argument. And it was all going along, and he was doing it one way, and it was great. Then Ken [Branagh] comes up and whispers something in his ear. Then Bam — we start doing the take and it's like "oh my god" it's emotional and there's anger, incredibly powerful. They called "Cut!", and the whole set started applauding, some people were crying. I remember sitting there going that was amazing and I suck, I could never do that. I was thinking, "Ah, I'm in the ring with Hopkins. I can do it, I can hold my own."

Do you know what he whispered?

He said, "let it affect you," it was an argument between father and son and we were yelling at each other.


So how did you feel when those tabloid rumors came out about you two not getting along?

We had a good laugh about it. Everyone else knew about it before I did. And Anthony rang me up and just talked about the ridiculousness of it. It said a lot of funny things that article. The amount of blue screen it said we're doing, which we weren't. It talked about Anthony hating Santa Fe, he wasn't in Santa Fe. It talked about him hating Ken and not agreeing, Anthony said to me a number of times that Ken was one of the best directors he's ever worked with. For me that was like, Wow — I was blown away by Ken, but I don't have the track record or history that he has. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences for me. And for him as well, he kept saying, "how fun is this?" So yeah you've got to laugh at it. Of course there are moments when I go home and it's dark and I'm alone, and I think the most talented, nicest person on the planet hates me. You have to roll with that stuff.


What was it like being on stage with The Avengers for the first time?

That was crazy. I didn't even know that was going to happen until five minutes beforehand. I didn't know Scarlett of Robert or any of those guys would come. These are people I've admired and been inspired by for years. And I'm up there standing on the stage with them wondering what am I doing here. I'm really looking forward to learning from them.

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Are you comfortable with being the punching bag for some of the other characters?


Sure I don't know what the scripts going to be. I haven't read anything. We haven't got a script yet.

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I wonder if Thor and Odin wear their capes all the time. Like say, when they go swimming down at the Asgard Leisure Center. Do they have special bathing suits with capes? Or do the capes kind of clip on? I'm sleep deprived and I have so many questions that need answering.