Thor Continues Being a Terrible Roommate in the First Look at Team Thor, Part 2

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Darryl and Thor are back, and I can’t lie—I’m currently more excited to see the rest of this short right now than I am Thor: Ragnarok itself.

We already knew that the arrival of Doctor Strange on Blu-ray would give us a sequel short to the goofy antics of the God of Thunder and his new best friend Darryl, but now Marvel has released a small clip—featuring Thor and his roommate Darryl, as Thor attempts to pay for his half of the rent by giving both ancient Asgardian currency and a pumpkin to his hapless pal.

After seeing this, we maintain that this is absolutely the primary reason to get Doctor Strange’s home release.


Doctor Strange: Team Thor Part 2 Edition is available digitally today, and on Blu-ray from February 28.

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Angrier Geek

As I said when Ghostbusters came out last year: Chris Hemsworth needs to let this action/drama thing go and focus strictly on comedy. A romcom with him and Anna Kendrick would have my money. Hell, I’d actually give Amy Schumer my money if he were the male lead.