The original Odinson returns this week, and is a wee bit miffed to discover that someone has taken his hammer. But that's not all! A new creative team hits Adventure Time, Batman goes after Selina Kyle's Underworld empire, and Sex Criminals ends its second story arc!


  • Effigy #1 - A former child star turns into an investigator as she digs into the spooky goings on of a cult operating in her hometown. Written By: Tim Seeley Artist: Marley Zarcone
  • Secret Origins #9 - Power Girl, John Stewart and Swamp Thing all get origin retellings in this latest anthology issue. Written By: Charles Soule, Various Artists: Javier Pina, Various
  • Deathstroke #4 - Deathstroke finds himself in Gotham City, entering an unlikely partnership with Harley Quinn. Written By: Tony S. Daniel Artists: Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea
  • Gotham Academy #4 - The students are on the hunt for a ghost haunting the Academy! Written By: Becky Cloonan, Brendan Fletcher Artist: Karl Kerschl
  • Catwoman #38 - Batman is finally paying Catwoman a visit after she's built up her Criminal Empire. Written By: Genevieve Valentine Artist: Garry Brown


  • Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #20 - Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla! What more could you want? Written By: Chris Mowry Artist: Matt Frank
  • Powerpuff Girls Super Smash-Up #1 - Cartoon Network gets its own multiversal crossover event as The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter try to stop his latest invention from destroying the world. Written By: Derek Charm, Jeremy Whitley Artists: Derek Charm, Jorge Monlongo
  • TMNT/Ghostbusters #4 - Ghosts assault Ghostbusters HQ and the Turtles find themselves running out of time to get home in the finale of this crossover event. Written By: Erik Burnham, Tom Waltz Artist: Dan Schoening
  • Life Eaters - Imagine a world where the Nazi's curry the favor of Norse gods to win World War II. Oh dear. Written By: David Brin Artist: Scott Hampton


  • Uncanny Avengers #1 - The events of AXIS see a new Avengers team form as they delve into the mysteries of Counter Earth. Written By: Rick Remender Artist: Daniel Acuña
  • Deadpool #41 - Deadpool seeks the quiet life with a job in the Middle East. I'm sure it goes well. Written By: Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn Artist: Salva Espin
  • Thor #4 - Thor is back, and is not happy to find a new God of Thunder has ascended to his former position. Written By: Jason Aaron Artist: Russell Dauterman


  • Casanova Acedia #1 - Amnesiac Casanova Quinn takes on a new job against time traveling occultists on the hunt for him (for some reason). Written By: Matt Fraction, Michael Chabon Artists: Fábio Moon, Gabriel Ba
  • The Dying And The Dead #1 - A series of disparate events across time are all linked, bringing veterans of the Greatest Generation together one last time. Written By: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Ryan Bodenheim
  • Sex Criminals #10 - The second arc of Sex Criminals comes to a close! Written By: Matt Fraction Artist: Chip Zdarsky

Independent Comics

  • Chew Revival #1 (Dynamic Forces) - The Worlds of Chew and Revival collide as Tony Chu heads to Wisconsin to investigate their case of the living dead.
  • Flash Gordon #1 (D.E) - Flash Gordon gets a whole new set of adventures from the team behind the Thrilling Adventure Hour! Written By: Ben Acker, Ben Blacker Artist: Lee Ferguson
  • The Phantom #1 (D.E) - The iconic adventure hero The Phantom starts a whole new series. Written By: Brian Clevinger Artist: Brent Schoonover
  • Quantum And Woody Must Die #1 (Valiant Entertainment) - The World's Worst superhero team are being hunted by killers after their minds. Written By: James Asmus Artist: Steve Lieber
  • Adventure Time #36 (Boom! Studios) - Dr. McNinja's Chris Hastings leads a new creative team into the Land of Ooo. Written By: Christopher Hastings, Michelle Nunnelly Artists: Zachary Sterling, Michelle Nunnelly
  • Munchkin #1 (Boom! Studios) - The long-running card game is getting its own comic book series! Written By: Tom Siddell, Various Artists: Mike Holmes, Various

Graphic Novels And Collections

  • Megaman Volume 8: Redemption (Archie Comic Publications) - Megaman's archnemesis Dr. Wily joins forces with the young robot in an attempt to prove he was being used by Ra Moon. Written By: Ian Flynn Artists: Gary Martin, Various
  • Superior Foes Of Spider-Man Volume 3: Game Over (Marvel) - The Super Foes bow out in the conclusion of their ongoing series. Gathers Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #12-17. Written By: Nick Spencer Artist: Steve Lieber
  • Eye Of Newt (Dark Horse) - A young wizard's apprentice embarks on a journey into the dark and mysterious Netherworld. Written By: Michael Hague Artist: Michael Hague
  • Flash Volume 5: History Lessons (DC) - See Barry Allen meet the Green Lantern for the first time. Gathers Flash #26-29 and Flash Annual #2. Written By: Brian Buccellato, Various Artists: Cully Hamner, Various
  • Green Lantern By Geoff Johns Omnibus Volume 1 (DC) - Colelcting the beginning of Geoff Johns' run with the character. Gathers Green Lantern Rebirth #1-6, Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1-5, Green Lantern #1-25, Green Lantern Corps #14-18, Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman Prime #1, Green Lantern Corps Sinestro Special #1, Green Lantern Secret Files 2005 #1 and Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps Secret Files #1. Written By: Geoff Johns, Various Artists: Ethan Van, Various

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