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Thor And TSCC Writers Bring Damn Nation To The Big Screen

Illustration for article titled Thor And TSCC Writers Bring Damn Nation To The Big Screen

Make room for more post-apocalyptic visions and rampaging vampires, because the live adaptation of Dark Horse's Damn Nation will have both. Plus in this dreary future, we're all moving to London.


The comic, penned by Andrew Cosby with art by Jason Shawn Alexander, takes place after the United States' residents have had to be evacuated to London due to an evil increase in nocturnal carnivore people. The comic tells the story of the American expats in London, and tries to find out where the world went wrong.

Paramount has asked Zack Stentz and Ashley Edward Miller, who've written for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Fringe, and also wrote future blockbuster film Thor, to try their hand at the adaptation, no doubt hoping to crank it out before silver screen vampires have lost their luster. No director is attached at this moment.



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Dances with Peeps

This was a great series. Truly scary. 30 Days of Night scary with better illustration and a wider scope.