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Thor 2 finds its director. Plus tons of updates for Fringe, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead!

Illustration for article titled emThor 2/em finds its director. Plus tons of updates for emFringe/em, emGame of Thrones/em, and emThe Walking Dead/em!
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

A new Dark Knight Rises set video shows off more of Gotham City's biggest chase. Kristin Stewart swears a lot while explaining her character in Snow White and the Huntsman. Aaron Eckhart discusses playing the title role in I, Frankenstein.


All that, plus Thor 2 and Pacific Rim get new release dates, Robert Downey, Jr. might become an Accidental Genius, more promo images from Eureka's animated holiday special, and tons of hints for what's ahead on Once Upon a Time and American Horror Story.

It's spoilers all the way down!

Top image from The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises

Here's another set video showing off more of the Batwing and the big cop car chase. [Comic Book Movie]

Finding Forrester and Coach Carter actor Rob Brown has reportedly joined the movie in an unspecified role. [Variety]


Thor 2

Marvel Studios has officially announced that Monster director Patty Jenkins will be directing the sequel, taking over for original movie director Kenneth Branagh. The release date has also been pushed back from July 26, 2013 to November 15, 2013. []

Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro's monster-fighting movie has also changed release dates, moving up to May 10, 2013. [Deadline]


Snow White and the Huntsman

Kristin Stewart explains her gritty version of Snow White, using a suitably gritty torrent of swear words:

She is sort of the last shred of hope for her land. She has this ethereal, spiritual connection to her people-she really feels things-and so it's like we don't really feel empathy. I've had some fucking eye-opening experiences on this movie. I think that to truly care for something isn't just putting yourself in that situation aesthetically and then going, "Oh my god, I feel so bad for them." It's truly not thinking of yourself at all. The way that you fight is that you must take out anything that hurt your people.

Basically, I'm fighting evil-I'm fighting the most evil motherfuckers-and it's fine that they're being killed. It's anguish. It's literally fucking anguish. She takes absolutely no pleasure in ever hurting anything. I'm exhausted right now and I was thinking, "The fight stuff is coming up, maybe that won't be so bad." And then I realized that they're probably going to be my most emotional scenes because I'm killing people and I'm Snow White. It's a really fucking cool way to approach a movie where so many people die. Not that I'm criticizing violent movies — I love them, generally — but it is nice to do it this way.


[Box Office Magazine]

I, Frankenstein

Aaron Eckhart discusses his casting as Adam Frankenstein, a version of Frankenstein's monster who survives long after the events of Mary Shelley's original novel and winds up in a mildly post-apocalyptic city:

"Somebody says, 'Do you want to play Frankenstein?' and I was like, 'Well, I haven't thought about it," Eckhart laughed of the role coming his way, "Then I read the script. Whenever you read a script that you want to do, you start feeling yourself in that character. All of a sudden your juices start flowing. That's how you know you should do a movie. Now I'm gonna be Frankenstein and I'm kind of worried about it, actually. I've gotta go and figure out how the hell I'm gonna play Frankenstein."


He also confirmed there will be a lot of makeup, while strongly implying his character will attempt to replicate the look of the original Frankenstein's novel, not the green version made famous by Boris Karloff: <blockquote"...[But] I think bolts came later. I'm not finding bolts in Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein.' I think all that sort of stuff is an invention of Hollywood. I don't know where it came from. Even the lightning isn't a big part of [her book]. 'Frankenstein' the book deals more with the subjective. The feelings of the creature and less about the making of."


The Seventh Son

Star Ben Barnes explains the adaption process from Joseph Delaney's book series The Wardstone Chronicle to the film version, in which he plays a young witch-hunter trained by presumably grizzled old witch-hunter Jeff Bridges to track down the evil Julianne Moore:

"It's nothing like the first book really, but they changed it a lot. I don't think it's particularly like 'The Hunger Games' or 'Twilight' where you can go 'based on the books,' because I don't think this series is as popular yet, so I think there's a chance to rewrite and make the best movie for the movie's sake. I think sometimes when you stick exactly to the book, there's a danger of it becoming a bit literary, so I think visually they want to make the most exciting film so they've changed a lot. My character in the book is 13 or something, but then the romance element in the book doesn't really make any sense - it makes more sense to have those characters a little older. Some of the story in the first book is very static so this is going to be a lot more visual and action-oriented."



The Accidental Genius

Warner Bros. has bought a pitch from Alex Gibgot to be developed by Robert Downey, Jr. and Susan Downey's production company, which generally handles potential star vehicles for Downey, Jr. Anyway, here's the description of the story:

An ordinary man awakens from a coma with astonishing intelligence, and visions of a bizarre symbol recognized only by a burnt-out prodigy. Together, the two men set out to solve a hundred-year-old mystery that could change the world. The title refers to a rare but true medical condition in which a person emerges from a physical trauma with heightened mental abilities.



Breaking Dawn: Part I

Here are two TV spots.

Piranha 3DD

In one last bit of release date news, the Piranha 3D sequel has lost its November 23, 2011 release date and has instead been moved to the highly vague "2012." Considering there isn't a concrete new date and the fact that almost no promotional material has been released so far, I'm guessing this movie isn't a super high priority. [/Film]



Here are three sneak peeks for tonight's episode, "Subject 9." [Fringe Television]

And here are a bunch of promo photos for the episode. [SpoilerTV]

Fox has confirmed that Orla Brady will reprise her role as Peter's mother Elizabeth Bishop in the eighth episode of the season. [Give Me My Remote]


Here's an interview with Anna Torv. [MTV Movies Blog]

And here are the highlights of the interview:

"I don't think I'm giving anything away when I say that the event of this season is Peter Bishop. We're going to see a lot more of him and how he unravels these characters. When Peter was there, he was very much the nurturer [to Walter], he was very much the companion, but without him, the biggest difference we see is in Walter, who didn't have Peter to bring him out and help him get better. But what I was excited about is there's a little bit more warmth, a closeness between Walter and Olivia...There are a couple of episodes coming up where we reintroduce a couple of characters and you'll go, 'Oh, that's a different relationship to the one we're used to.' But I'm not going to say any more about that!"


Game of Thrones

George RR Martin has revealed that John Stahl, who played Quinn in the original Being Human, has been cast as one of Robb Stark's bannermen, Lord Richard Karstak. [NotABlog]


Martin has also revealed that Simon Armstrong, a veteran of stage and British soaps, has been cast as the descriptively named Qhorin Halfhand. [NotABlog]

The Walking Dead

Here's a sneak peek for the second season premiere, "What Lies Ahead." [TV Guide]

Here's a ton of cast photos. [Daemon's TV]

Norman Reedus discusses what we'll learn about Daryl in season two:

Well, you find out more of his back story: why he's so aggressive, why he doesn't trust anybody, his family history. I tried early on not to make him a copy of Merle. You know, Merle has all these racist swears and he takes drugs and all this other stuff and I really wanted to make Daryl more of an Al-Anon member than an Alcoholics Anonymous member. He's a victim of having a big brother like that. It's just the two of them and he has no social skills whatsoever.

He's just sheltered and the thing about Daryl is that he has a different journey than everybody else. He can get along in the woods by himself. He can hunt, he can track, he's not afraid of zombies. He's not running or hiding. But he doesn't really have the social skills to be a part of this group that he would never ever hang out with, so as he's becoming a more valued part of this group — he's a skilled archer and he can protect them — but he just doesn't... he's kind of like this guy who needs a hug, but if you try to hug him he'll stab you. You'll see a lot of him interacting with other people in ways that you wouldn't expect — forming alliances, going against people — he's just a very damaged guy spiritually and emotionally and you see a lot of those reasons why.


He also explains just how difficult it is for Daryl to trust anyone:

This is the largest group of people he's ever been around. You know, I'm trying to play him like he's a total virgin. Like if someone were to try to kiss him he'd be like, "Eeeeee." He's getting along, he's earning his place in this world with these people. He sees that they're starting to trust him. It's just hard for him to swallow.

Do you see Daryl changing in season 2 to deal with those trust issues?
Yeah, he's trusting them a lot more and it's interesting to watch because he's just like a little kid. He's probably most like Chandler [Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes] than any other character. They're starting to trust him, he's starting to trust them. It's interesting to watch because every character on the show has a different relationship with Daryl and he's not interacting with all of them the same. He picks certain ones to befriend a little more than others.


There's a bunch more at the link. [Zap2It]

Terra Nova

Here are some promo photos for next Monday's episode, "The Runaway." [Terra Nova TV]


Here are some set photos from the filming of the finale, which appears to show some serious damage to the settlement's structures. [Terra Nova TV]

Once Upon a Time

Executive producer Steve Pearlman discusses the Evil Witch's curse that has created the show's dual realities:

We, the audience, will know more about the curse at the end of the first episode. That was one of the things that we came away from the pilot, and there were a number of questions about who in Storybrooke knows about the curse. That's something that we answer in the first episode.

One of the questions that kept coming up on V [was that] everyone was asking "When are people going to find out about this? And what's their story?" And we didn't really answer the story about the Visitors until the second season, even, and I think the audience gets impatient with that. So in Once, in the first episode, we very clearly lay out how the curse came about, and who knows about the curse in the modern day world.


He also discusses Rumplestiltskin and his human alter ego Mr. Gold, as played by Stargate Universe's Robert Carlyle:

The thing about Rumple and Mr. Gold in Storybrooke, that we've tried very hard [to do], is to keep him very mysterious, to the point where in the pilot when Mr. Gold shows up, we don't really give him an entrance. He's almost just kind of there. You turn around and there he is. We kind of play that with him, where he is kind of the Big Bad. Regina is bad, and she's a great villain, but there's something almost scarier about Rumple because we don't know that much about him. He's unpredictable. He seems to know a lot more than he lets on.

We do have an episode that we're actually shooting right now, which is a big Rumplestiltskin backstory episode, where you get to see some of the texture that made him who he is. In the pilot, Rumplestiltskin is in the dungeon, and because we're jumping around time in Fairy Tale land, and flashing back to different parts of the fairy tale story, we'll see Rumplestiltskin out of the dungeon, because it would have been the time before he was imprisoned.


There's more at the link. [KSiteTV]


Here are a pair of promo photos of cast member Claire Coffee as the assassin Schlauraffen. [SpoilerTV]



Here's an introduction from executive producer Sera Gamble for tonight's episode, "Defending Your Life."

And here's a sneak peek.

Here's a description for episode seven, "The Mentalists":

MEDIUM RARE —- Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate the gruesome murders of resident mediums in Lily Dale, the most "psychic" town in America. They discover that an angry spirit is killing off the psychics one by one, but in a town full of people who claim to be summoning spirits, they have a little trouble identifying the medium controlling the ghost.



American Horror Story

Here's a promo and a sneak peek for next week's episode, "Murder House."

And here are some promo photos for the episode. [SpoilerTV]

Executive producer Ryan Murphy reveals we'll see more of Constance's children:

You see all of them.

Will they be seen in present day? Or flashbacks?
You see them all in present day and apparently she's hiding some nasty secrets.

Even nastier than the mirror room she locked Adelaide in tonight?
Yes. In episode seven, we meet one of her children who I believe is our most horrifying addition to the American Horror Story family yet.


He also offers this tease for the next episode:

We begin episode 3 with a big big meaty scene where you see why Moira has that ghostly eye. It's supposed to be set in 1983. When Jessica Lange read that scene, she's was kind of worried we were going to go find a younger actress who looked like her in 1983. I said, "No no no. You're gonna do it." Because you wanna see Jessica Lange do that scene. But then we hired these people that did amazing work like on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with CGI. Everyone's thrilled with how that turned out.




Here are some more promo photos for the holiday special, "Do You See What I See", showing off the various animation styles. [SpoilerTV]



Here are some promo photos for this week's episode, "Uprising." [SpoilerTV]

The Vampire Diaries

Here's a promo for next week's episode, "Smells Like Teen Spirit." [SpoilerTV]

Here's a description for episode eight, "Ordinary People":

THE ORIGINAL FAMILY —- With help from Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Bonnie (Kat Graham), Alaric (Matt Davis) tries to decipher the meaning behind his recent discovery Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt) engage in a mean-girl power struggle, until Rebekah finally reveals some of her family's ancient secrets and the violent past she shares with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies). Damon (Ian Somerhalder) tries a reckless new approach to make a breakthrough with Stefan (Paul Wesley), and they're both surprised by an unlikely ally. J. Miller Tobin directed the episode with teleplay by Caroline Dries & Julie Plec and story by Nick Wauters (#308).



The Secret Circle

Here's a promo for next week's episode, "Wake."

Here are some promo pictures for episode seven, "Masked." [KSiteTV]

Here's a description for episode eight, "Beneath":

A ROAD TRIP FOR THE CIRCLE TAKES A HORRIBLE TURN —- After not hearing from her grandmother (Ashley Crow) for a couple of days, Cassie (Britt Robertson) becomes concerned and wants to go look for her. Diana (Shelley Hennig) decides the entire Circle should go in case Jane is in trouble. She also invites Jake (guest star Chris Zylka) along, much to Adam's (Thomas Dekker) dismay. A storm turns the day trip into an overnight excursion, so Faye suggests a little game of Truth or Dare to liven up the evening. However, things take a horrible turn when Faye is forced to reckon with someone from her past.



Additional reporting by Natalie Baaklini and Charlie Jane Anders.


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I'd consider going to see "Snow Fucking White and the Seven Muthafucking Dwarves."

Seriously though, who had the bright fucking idea to turn Snow White into Sucker Punch?