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Here’s the first trailer for Pandemic, a movie in which Kiera from Continuum goes into a plague zone in Los Angeles to find survivors. And she fights, basically, zombies. The whole thing is shot in a “first-person shooter” style, so it’s sort of an attempt to duplicate the feeling of a video game. Because that worked so well for Doom.

But maybe this is a logical extension of the “found footage” ethos. When Content Media acquired this film from director John Suits and producer Gabriel Cowan, Content Film President Jamie Carmichael said:

Pandemic is a potential game changer. The FPS component immerses the viewer right into heart the film—in a hybrid gamer style. We’re incredibly impressed with John and Gabriel’s inventive work.


So I guess it’s a game changer... because it looks like a game? Okay then. Also in Pandemic: Mekhi Phifer from Torchwood, and Alfie Allen from Game of Thrones.

Edited to remove the comment about watching someone else play a game because, yes, duh, that is actually a popular thing.

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