This Z-grade movie trailer is so inexplicably insane that you'll be mesmerized

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From the fine production team at Anton Pictures comes Empire of the Apes, the tale of a "Female SpacePrison" which "found the entropy" and "dared to crash." Not only that, but this flick takes place "in a world where space rule." Plus there are women in teeny outfits with guns, men in silver bucket hats, spaceships made of 1960s Doctor Who, and a lot of general low-budget wonderfulness unseen since days of yore. Even the seasoned Z-grade movie maven Avery Battles could only say "WTF?!" about this movie. I am filled with glee.


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"In a world" is a must have for any trailer. In fact, I might make a movie about movie making without that phrase. The trailer would start "In a world where there were trailers that did not say in a world, comes a..."