This YouTuber Spent a Month Training Like Batman For One Awesome Fight Scene

Image: Warner Bros.
Image: Warner Bros.

Batman is all about preparation. To become the caped vigilante, Bruce Wayne spent years of his life training and travelling the world, not to mention spending exorbitant amounts of money. A month of training isn’t the same, but it’s a start.


And a month is what Michelle Khare embarked upon. On her YouTube channel, the blogger and athlete, who regularly takes on stunt fights and extreme training regimens for her videos, decided to take on the ultimate challenge in advance of the upcoming Justice League film: Batman himself.

Her regimen, guided by a Krav Maga instructor, a professional knife thrower (it ain’t Batman if it doesn’t have Batarangs), and a stuntman who’s performed as Batman in Batman V Superman, Justice League, and Suicide Squad, gave her what she needed to pull off a truly Bat worthy fight scene.

The video gives a taste into what it would be like to attempt a superheroic training regimen in real life. Now that Khare’s got weapon disarming down, she just needs to learn a few hundred other martial arts, forensic science, programming, how to make shark repellant... She could be at this for a while, really. Probably good she stopped after a month.

You can watch the video detailing Khare’s journey below. It ends in a pretty cute superhero parody.

[YouTube, via Nerdist]

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