This YouTuber Made Ryan Reynolds Play the Deadpool Video Game

We hear you, Deadpool.
We hear you, Deadpool.
Image: 20th Century Fox.

He’s played Deadpool, but can he play Deadpool?

That’s the question asked, and answered, by YouTube star JackSepticEye, who had Ryan Reynolds on his show today to force him to play the 2013 action game developed by High Moon Studios.


The answer, as it turns out? No. Oh, God, no. According to Reynolds, he hasn’t played a videogame since Castlevania, and he does not exactly do well. But the video is still a delight for Reynolds’ Deadpool-esque commentary, which includes admiration of his character’s supple buttocks and, of course, a discussion of whether or not Josh Brolin has rabies.

(Josh Brolin does not have rabies. We don’t think.)

The video is below. Deadpool 2, starring Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin as Cable, is out May 18th.

[YouTube, via Entertainment Weekly]

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Wow, YouTube really is the place to advertise now, isn’t it? I think more people watch these types of shows on YouTube than watch actual television.