This YouTuber Argues That The Matrix Sequels Are Better Than You Remember

Neo’s blocking the haters.
Neo’s blocking the haters.
Image: Warner Bros.

And he’s right, gosh dangit.

I am a partisan for one issue, and one issue only: The Matrix Reloaded is a good movie. Maybe not a great movie, but an incredibly watchable and fun one, with a lot more interesting ideas baked into its runtime than just about anyone has given it credit for.


So it is with great delight that I report that one of my favorite video essayists to watch on the weekends, Just Write, has thrown up a new video arguing that The Matrix sequels actually kind of rule, and are pretty thematically coherent, to boot.

Just Write begins by suggesting that these movies are made for a peculiar audience: thirteen-year-olds with philosophy degrees. Reader, in my heart, I am that thirteen-year-old. And I love The Matrix.

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No no no no no no no. I rewatched the entire series less than two months ago; they are absolutely terrible. Unfortunately, the first Matrix didn’t hold up as well as it had. Just an opinion, man, but woof. These are catastrophically inept films. The YouTuber’s claim that the philosophy is the real meat of the movie is rediculous. It reminds me of my undergrad roommate who thought his stoned solopsistic rambling was super deep. It’s a good backdrop, but the intro-to-Plato depth isn’t as much a revelation as a riff on the basic “it was all a dream” cliché. 

Not that it matters, I love a variety of terrible sci-fi, (Equilibrium is objectively bad, and I loved it).