Halloween is the one time of year that most people actually cosplay. But making your own costume from scratch is actually a lot of work. So there’s a whole industry dedicated to making costumes for you... with mixed results. Here are the trashiest and most WTF costumes for 2015.

I gotta admit, even though some of these are pretty scary or off base, I’d probably wear at least one-third of these, depending on the party. But it’s also noteworthy just how far you have to push women’s superhero costumes towards over-the-top “sexiness” before they go beyond what’s already appeared in the comics.


And to be fair, none of these are even near as wrong as the “Green Poop and Whopper” costume that people are being encouraged to make.

Sexy Bride of Frankenstein, Sexy Pizza Rat and Emoji Leotard, from Yandy

Every year there’s a new batch of “Sexy” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes. This time, though, the booty shorts deserve special appreciation. Via Spirit Halloween.

These costumes are “Wanna See My Nuts,” “Naked Hillbilly,” and “Nerd.” via Spirit Halloween.

“Cat Kit”, “Cozy Lion” and Inflatable Baby. via Spirit Halloween.

Sexy Minions costumes from Yandy

Here are three sexy Mickey/Minnie Mouses from Yandy, plus the sexy Sorcerer’s Apprentice from ForPlayCatalog

Dead-Eye Dollie, Wind-Up Doll, and Annabelle from Spirit Halloween. These are actually quite creepy, so I can’t decide if I love or hate them.

Steampunk Adventuress, Steampunk Fantasy, and Strawberry Shortcake. Via Spirit Halloween.

Sexy Snow White, plus “Rebel” Alice and “Rebel” Snow White. Via Spirit Halloween.

Most of this year’s Star Wars costumes are actually pretty good, but these Princess Leia and Darth Vader costumes are... not great. Via Spirit Halloween.

And here are sexy Darth Vader and sexy Chewbacca, from Yandy.

How...are you people such assholes? A selection of Native American costumes, one of which is called “Pow Wow Native American”. Via Spirit Halloween.

And... even more Native Americans, new for 2015, via AmiClubwear

Most of this year’s superhero costumes are good, including some Arkham stuff. But as if to reflect a general lack of excitment at Avengers: Age of Ultron, the tie-in costumes seem kind of half-assed. Poor Black Widow. via Spirit Halloween.

A lot of this year’s “Sexy” Superhero costumes are somewhat accurate, like the new Power Girl costume. Because often the comics version of a costume is already pretty much the “Sexy” version to begin with. But then there are some that just seem kind of desultory, like these from ForPlayCatalog. Although the Huntress is not bad. The Harley Quinn costume is just... what even is that? Also note disco Spider-Gwen.

And here are a ton of superhero costumes from Yandy. Some of which are kind of OK and some of which... yeesh.

More superhero costumes from Yandy

Even more superhero costumes from Yandy

Still more superhero costumes from Yandy. Note sexy Wolverine!

And yet more superhero costumes from Yandy, including a quite good She-Ra, to be fair.

Annnd... more superhero costumes from Yandy

Another batch of superhero costumes from Yandy

One more batch of superhero costumes from Yandy

Weed-related costumes are big this year! These are all from Yandy except the one on the right which is from ForPlayCatalog

Sexy Mummy and two Sexy Werewolves, from Yandy

Donna T. Rumpshaker, aka Sexy Donald Trump, from Yandy. Thanks to Katharine for reminding me of this one!

Three Ninja costumes from Yandy

Sexy Alice, and two Sexy Cruella De Vils, from Yandy

There are a lot of sexy mermaid costumes which at least seem to be trying to have some suggestion of a tail, etc. And then there are these ones, from ForPlayCatalog

Sexy Badass, Sexy Ninja and Playful Popstar, from AmiClubwear.

Sexy Monster, plus two unicorn costumes, from AmiClubwear.

Ponies! via Amiclubwear

Two Rainbow Dash Costumes plus a “Sexy Seahorse” costume, from Yandy

Two Mario-tastic costumes, plus a Sexy Luchador, from Yandy

Lots and lots and lots of sexy Princess Jasmine costumes, new at Amiclubwear

Sexy Cheshire Cat, Sexy Olaf and Sexy Rosie the Riveter, via Party City

And somehow we missed this at first until Pessimippopotamus brought it up in comments... the “What Color Is This Dress?” costume from Yandy

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