This Year's Terminator Will Be Jealous, Unstable

When the new season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returns this fall, it'll be more than last season's cliffhanger explosion that'll bring about changes for Summer Glau's pouty Terminatrix. According to the cast and crew of the show, one of the things the Terminator will be battling this year will be the ol' green-eyed monster.

Executive producer Josh Friedman explained what kind of action we can expect from this year's model of unstoppable (anti-)killing machine:

"I think sometimes [Cameron does have a sense of her own sexuality] when it suits her. Last year she learned how to paint her nails, and she's learned how to wear miniskirts and exploit her legs for attention... I think if there were somebody else in John's life that could cause strategic problems, I think that's almost like jealousy, and she would work to eliminate that threat. I think we may see some of that this year.


Not that it's going to be all hot girl-on-robot action this season; Cameron herself, Summer Glau, was relatively more restrained when talking about what her character will be going through when the show returns, saying only:

Cameron definitely has some issues after the explosion.

Issues? Jealous? Looking to eliminate someone muscling in on her territory to avoid "strategic problems"? How long before we hear that the show will be changing its name to Single White Female Robot?

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