Last year, the Writers Guild of America strike stepped in to save America from having to endure too many substandard episodes of Heroes (or any episodes of Bionic Woman in general), but once that dispute was resolved, what could stop the production of more substandard Heroes — or this year's version of Bionic Woman, Knight Rider? The answer may be coming as early as October 18th, and this time, it may be the actors' turn to stop television and movies in their tracks.This Wednesday, the Screen Actors Guild’s contract negotiating committee passed a resolution asking the SAG National Board to vote on seeking authorization for a strike from its membership. The vote — scheduled for October 18th — could ultimately lead to the much-discussed actors strike that could paralyze the industry just as much as last year's WGA strike. Understandably, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers — the body that the SAG are currently in negotiations with that may end up forcing the strike — aren't in favor of this move, releasing the following statement in protest of the possible protest:

Is this really the time for anyone associated with the entertainment business to be talking about going on strike? Not only is the business suffering from recent economic conditions, but if ever there was a time when Americans wanted the diversions of movies and television, it is now.


Don't listen to them, actors — It's much better that America doesn't see another Knight Rider or Sanctuary than anything else. SAG negotiators urge strike vote [Variety]