This Year's DC/CW Crossover Goes Into 'Crisis' Mode With Evil Versions of Supergirl, Flash, and Green Arrow

Image: CW. Art by Phil Jiminez
Image: CW. Art by Phil Jiminez

We now know the premise of this year’s gigantic, two-night CW crossover between The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, and it’s a doozy—and a take on the classic comic book storyline of heroes fighting evil, alternate versions of themselves. But there’s a lot more to it than Evil Supergirl’s awesome outfit.


The CW has just announced that the event will be called Crisis on Earth-X, and as much as you’d love for that to imply that they’re doing for Crisis on Infinite Earths what this year’s Invasion! did for, err, Invasion, it’s a little different. The premise is that Barry and Iris’ long awaited wedding pulls together all their friends, whether from this Earth or otherwise, only to be gatecrashed by evil versions of Kara, Ollie, and Barry from Earth-X, alongside a fourth mysterious masked bow-wielding villain. Check out the truly, truly glorious poster announcing the event by Phil Jimenez and start freaking out immediately.

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Not only do the evil versions of our heroes look awesome (that Supergirl outfit!), the poster confirms that the event will see the live-action debut of The Ray, who the CW is currently turning into an animated star for a new DC cartoon set to air on CW Seed. The CW has now confirmed that British actor Russell Tovey will play Raymond “The Ray” Terrill in both the CW Seed cartoon and in live-action for the crossover. Given that he’s fighting Nazi versions of Barry, Ollie, and Kara there, it makes sense for him to make his live-action debut here too.

Crisis on Earth-X will take place across Arrow and Supergirl on Monday November 27, and continue on Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday, November 28.

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