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This Wonderful Short About a Robot War Deserves to Be a Full-Length Film

Back in 2014, we told you about Rise, a film about a robot insurgency that was the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. The result of the $38,000 raised is this proof of concept video, which definitely looks good enough to deserve a full feature.


Rise comes from director David Karlak and writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (Feast). It’s one of those classic robot revolution stories. Of course, in this case you find yourself in the awkward position of rooting for the failure of humans, but that’s sometimes how these things shake out. Plus, it’s always easier to side with Anton Yelchin than Rufus Sewell.

This is clearly a pitch for some studio to give them money to make a full thing, and it’s one of the most successful of that genre I’ve ever seen. There’s clearly a story in mind and Karlak’s vision looks great in these five minutes.


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Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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Derek C. F. Pegritz

I just cannot fathom how anyone cannot understand the simple fact that sapient digital minds will be able to crush humanity like bugs. One—one—Digital Intelligence of even roughly-human capacity could own the world in less than 24 hours by simply infiltrating every net-connected computer and threatening to crash the global economy and turn our military/infrastructure systems against us. Stuxnet was about as “intelligent” as a paramecium and look what it did. The “robot war” would be over before humanity even knows it’s happening.