This Wonder Woman movie trailer is too good to be true (literally)

Female Super Hero Fan Film from Jesse V. Johnson on Vimeo.

And it isn't true, unfortunately. This is a fan-made trailer directed by stuntman Jesse V. Johnson, showcasing a Wonder Woman movie where WW (played by Nina Bergman) kicks a great deal of Nazi ass. It's pretty great, and not just because it doesn't end with WW on a couch, with her cat and a tub of ice cream, talking about how lonely she is (although that certainly helps). The sad part is that, as iGeektrooper rightly points out, the chances of The CW's Wonder-Woman-in-high-school show Amazon being as good as this fan trailer are slim indeed.


Was that the voice of Marina Sirtis @ 1:20 ?

And why does Nina Bergman seem so familiar? I can't see anything recognizable on her IMDb page.