This Wonder Woman Featurette Is 13 Minutes of Pure Joy

Honestly, we couldn’t be more excited for the Wonder Woman movie, so a 13-minute featurette packed with new little glimpses of the movie is just icing on the cake at this point. But what you’re really here to see is the sheer delight of Gal Gadot in action as Diana, both when the cameras are rolling and when they aren’t, because it’s just the best.


Covering everything from the premise to shooting big action sequences—like the oft-clipped No Man’s Land scene—to the passion of both lead star Gadot and her director, Patty Jenkins, this sizable behind-the-scenes look at the movie is exactly what you need if you’re counting down the hours till you actually get to go see the movie itself.

Wonder Woman finally graces theaters June 2.

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That gif alone is enough to make a cruddy day better.


  • Is WWI Wondy’s costume the same as her BvS one? (Having not seen BvS.)
  • Tiny!Diana is fierce. She may not be Dafne Keen levels, but what a look.
  • I really do not have any interest in the Diana-is-Zeus’s-daughter origin. It just seems so against what she and the Amazons are and what they represent. (EDIT: Got to the part of the video where she mentions having been made from clay. Huge happy sigh of relief, although I still don’t understand how Zeus ought to be involved over, say, all of the goddesses.)
  • The repeated mentions of her goodness, her kindness, how loving she is and the fact that she is simultaneously a badass warrior makes my heart swell. That is the Wonder Woman who inspires me.
  • The Diana Prince glasses! Charming little nod.
  • “The look of the film is one I really believe in, because I think she deserves grand cinema.” Patty Jenkins has already earned my adoration.