Model Jessica Brown is painted with genetic imagery taken from scientific literature, by bodypainting expert Victoria Gugenheim as part of a new piece in the Guardian. These include an X chromosome on her leg, and a DNA helix on her torso with the visualization of the BRCA1 gene, linked to breast cancer.

Talking to the Guardian, Gugenheim explains how this imagery reflects their concerns about genetic threats like cancer, but also hot-button issues like gene patenting:

[Gugenheim and Brown] had a shared interest in science, and in particular the ongoing saga over the BRCA1 gene, mutations in which increase the risk of breast cancer. Gene testing empowered Angelina Jolie to make her recent high-profile decision to undergo a double-mastectomy; but such testing is expensive, and the test has been patented by Myriad Genetics who maintain a monopoly in the United States – the subject of an ongoing battle in the US Supreme Court.

Gugenheim is a strong supporter of the idea that information should be as freely available as possible. "I'd like genetics to be open source. I don't think we should be patenting genes. The idea of being born and being in copyright infringement is very sinister."

And here's Lawrence Krauss, author of The Physics of Star Trek, painted up as a Borg:


See tons more at the link. [Victoria Gugenheim via the Guardian]